Medically Motivated

19 year old expat in her first year of medical school. I live for feminism, cats and science so hit me up if any of those tidbits pique your interest.

Moved flat all by myself today. I feel like such a strong, independent woman. This must be how Beyoncé feels.


Everyday Scenes Captured in Mesmerizing Cinemagraphs by Julien Douvier

Strasbourg, France-based freelancer Julien Douvier proves particularly adept at creating mesmerizing cinemagraphs, bringing still images to life in stunning, animated GIF form.

I thought I was getting better at this living alone malarkey but I’m now feeling horribly anxious about sleeping alone in the flat. Does anyone want to have an impromptu sleepover? I’ll provided snacks, I promise. 


So… everyone needs to read the reviews on Amazon for their new “For Her” line of ballpoint pens.

Sarcastic feminists are just the best

This is the only appropriate response to such blatantly sexist advertising. 

Oh, lord. That party was the party of my nightmares. First awkward, then stupidly energetic dancing. Someone save me from myself.

Aw yis! Exercising makes me feel like I’m queen of the world!